Monday, February 11, 2013

Willing to share? Help a teacher new to #flipclass

I'm leading a workshop next Wednesday (2/20) for about 40 teachers in my district new to the idea of Flipped Learning as well as new to teaching (they are in our BTSA induction program).

While I am quite experienced with high school math "flipping", and have had many conversations about flipping in other subject areas and grade levels, I'd love to have some concrete places to send my attendees to for examples and answers.

The workshop is mainly grades 6-12 from all subject areas, although there are a few elementary.  We are in a low income district - my school is 75% Free and Reduced lunch, but the other schools in my district are upwards of 80-90%.   They are concerned about having a flipped classroom where most students don't have technology at home (yes I hear that a lot, and I have answers!) but also where most students do zero schoolwork outside of school and how that would work in their subject area.  They also want examples of flipped lessons (both the "at home" part and the "in class" part for their specific subject area... and that's what I don't have :)

Thanks for your help in filling out what works for YOU in hopes that it will inspire someone else!

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